Labradorite Pentagram Necklace, Polished Labradorite Pentacle Necklace Charm Eco Silver, Crystal Jewelry, Wiccan Pendant Witchy Gift,


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Pendant – Labradorite and Eco Silver Star
Pendant size – 1.5cm x 2cm
Necklace: Ultra Thin Recycled UK made 925 Sterling Silver Rope Chain
Necklace length – 16″ / 40.5cm
Handmade in Wiltshire, UK by Roanate

-A b o u t-
This delightful Labradorite Pentagram necklace encompasses a remarkable labradorescence sheen with a wire wrapped pentacle nestled within, made with one continual thread of ecosilver to form the entire pendant and the shape of the pentacle lovingly mirrored on both sides in this delicately woven piece. As a witchy way to flash your style or as a gift for the subtle shining wiccan, the pentacle holds a versatile appreciation throughout cultures.

-M a d e – f r o m-
Formed with approximately 5 carats of ethically sourced and mined natural labradorite from Madagascar on the frame of the pendant. Selected from contrasting individual flashing stones featuring blues, greens, and yellows, then paired with eco silver to highlight the best of this natural iridescent stone with shimmering silver. Threaded on a an eye catching ultra thin recycled 925 sterling silver twisting rope chain manufactured in Shropshire UK from Recycled Silver for a low eco footprint and an elegant weightless look. This dainty chain is tarnish resistant, lightweight and hangs beautifully at any length. We offer custom lengths or stone combinations at your request for a more personalised piece.

-L a b r a d o r i t e-
Labradorite is an amazing feldspar crystal first found in Labrador, Canada in 1770. It’s since been found in large deposits around the world including Madagascar where we source ours from. The amazing kaleidoscopic nature of this stone refracts light from it’s multiple crystalline layers to produce colours hidden in the depths of it’s grey lustre. As a newer gemstone it’s been interpreted as an alternative birthstone for both February and March, and carries a mystifying likeness to the northern lights, imbuing wonder, freedom, and inner peace.

-E c o – S i l v e r-
Eco Silver wire is used in this pendant and is made from recycled sterling silver, a great new eco friendly alternative to traditional bullion wire. With the same purity and a fully traceable and audited supply chain – it’s environmentally friendly and a new alternative for sustainable making! This also forms the base of all most of our jewellery findings as we work off a zero waste policy.

-D e l i v e r y-
All our products are made and gift wrapped and beautifully presented on recycled cardstock before being dispatched with Royal Mail within 1-3 working days of receiving your order. Delivery times may vary and are only provided by Etsy as an estimate. Feel free to contact me for further information.

-S h o p-
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