At Roanate we take pride in bringing you superb quality semi-precious gemstones in our wall hanging designs and jewellery. Carefully sourced with provenance, authenticity certificates and carat weight to ensure the respect these natural delights deserve.
Below you’ll find all the stones listed that we’re currently using, and the histories behind them.


Amethyst is a semi precious silicate mineral meaning it comes from the most important and largest groups of minerals that make up the earths crust. As a violet variety of quartz this stone is incredibly beautiful. Traditionally the birth stone of Febuary this stunning mineral makes a lovely wintery gift or birthday present. At Roanate our amethysts are ethically sourced from Zambian mines typically from the Zimba district in the southern province. Despite sourcing our amethyst from Zambia, this stone actually got its name from the Alexandrian dialect of Greek meaning to “not intoxicate”.  Ancient Greeks believed that while wearing the stone or by drinking from amethyst encrusted goblets this would prevent them from feeling the intoxifying effects of alcohol.  


Aquamarine is a type of Beryl meaning that this Cyclosilicate comes from the same family of stones as emeralds. Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin for “sea water” and as such mimics the beautiful varieties of blue and cyan’s found in the ocean, although a green and yellow variety does occur in Brazil specifically called chrysolite aquamarine. At Roanate we source our aquamarine from the many Beryl mines scattered throughout the majestic landscape of South Africa. As the birthstone of March, aquamarine is a perfect gift for any piscean friends or loved ones.  

Black Obsidian  

Sourced from the ancient volcanoes of the USA comes the glass like rock obsidian. This fiery stone occurs when pools of lava from deep in the earth reach the surface and go through a process of rapid cooling. Although technically a glass and not a mineral, obsidian is often found alongside gems in shops and displays. Within new age circles of healing this stone represents ‘absolute mystery’ luring your gaze powerfully into its dark depths. Humanities relationship with Obsidian is an ancient one with artefacts such as arrow heads found dating back to the early paleolithic period, the beginning of our journey on this earth. 


The nesosilicate garnet comes in a variety of species including pyrope, almandine, grossular and andradite. From the middle English word meaning dark red its original Latin etymology granum means grain or seed. Despite its middle English description this diverse stone actually comes in many different colours even encompassing the colourless. This Aquarian mineral is the birthstone of January and is also used as the symbol of a couples second year of marriage. At Roanate we source our garnet from gorgeous Indian costlands sustainably mined from the white sand and stony beeches its situated in.  

White Agate 

Discovered on the green shores of the river Dirillo by the Greek philosopher and naturalist Theophrastus, agate sports a diverse display of colours and patterns. Like obsidian Agate is formed by the cooling of lava, in the case of white agate, very slowly while moving over pebbles and small rocks.  At Roanate we source our agate from Brazilian mines in the south of the country which boast the largest basalt flow on earth with experts estimating the Agate there being over 130 million years old. In new age circles agate is known for cleansing the aura and nullifying negativity with some believing it also aids concentration.