Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing is at the heart of what we do and is the roots that help us grow our mission: Through ethical sourcing we can provide provenance on our materials and make sure we create products responsibly that set the standard moving forward.  

So let’s break it down!  

Ethically selecting the materials we use at Roanate has and always will be an ever-evolving task. There’s rarely an answer set in stone, but we stick to bio-degradable and natural materials in our products and packaging – you won’t find any plastic here! We only use responsibly and sustainably sourced materials with the lowest possible environmental impact. We stick to UK and European suppliers and manufacturers for our materials in order to maintain high quality standards, and uphold ethical labour laws. If you want to know more details why not check out our individual material sourcing pages

Providing Provenance  

Sourcing materials with provenance allows you and I to know where it comes from and what we’re supporting, and to make it clear what we don’t support. With mass production a lot of that choice can get lost along the way in favour of cheap, low quality materials. This lack of transparency can lead to questionable practices, misinformation, and exploitation of the environment and people. If we’re not careful, it might become the norm. Let’s make sure it doesn’t.   

Creating responsibly 

By ensuring we work with only ethical materials and using an artisanal approach to creating products, we’re taking responsibility for our environmental impact as a company. You won’t find any cut corners or outsourced production here – everything is 100% handmade by us from scratch in Wiltshire. 

Setting Standards  

By choosing to source materials only from ethically responsible suppliers and upholding our mission, we increase the demand for transparency and awareness of these issues within the supply chain. We can vote with our wallets and set a new standard of responsible purchasing both from ourselves and from you