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Sourced Ethically

We only source supplies that are ethical, like non-mulesed wool, certified gemstones, and recycled beech.



Create Responsibly

All products are designed and handmade in Wiltshire with entirely natural biodegradable materials.  

Set Standards

By making products with these goals, we can set new standards for ethical purchasing and kickstart a natural revolution. 

Meet the Maker

I’m Christie. I’m a self-taught artisan that has always been fascinated with how things are made. I moved to Wiltshire in 2014 and fell in love with the landscape and history of this ancient county and by proxy, the cultural heritage exhibited only a stone throw away at the likes of Avebury stone circle and West Kennet long barrow.  

This got me exploring historical crafts and the notion of artistic creations and customs that still live on to this day through cultural ideology. This gave me the inspiration to re-examine historical crafts that are still prevalent within our society, how they were originally made, and how you’d do it now without mass production and artificial materials.  

So I started exploring Dream Catchers, they were something I always remember having in my room growing up, but I’d never looked into the why. I set about researching and learning about the myths and legends behind them, the importance they played within the society that carried an artistic creation imbued with an apotropaic magic into the 21st century as we see today.  

I loved the expression and the notion behind them, but at the same time wanted to respect the original creation so I opted to explore materials I considered to be vastly different and gave a new dimension to the art. Oh boy did this take me on a different adventure than I’d planned.

I hit so many issues with obtaining materials that were environmentally friendly, or not sold through half a dozen parent companies sourcing from China. It took a long while to find a stable transparent supply chain for the materials I’d decided to use. 
And that’s how it all started. Since then, I’ve continued exploring the issues faced in modern-day making that are important to me, like ethical and environmental materials, responsible purchasing and supply chain transparency. It’s definitely shaped my perception of ethical consumerism for the better I feel, having developed an understanding of the long term impact of tiny, seemingly inconsequential decisions. Alongside developing new skills and techniques that allow me to delve into different handmade mediums and appreciate the materials I work with. I’m also lucky to have such an available breadth of histories and cultures to learn from and be inspired by on my journey.

Where to find us?

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