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End of January 2022!

Feeling blue? Well, have I got something for you!

So how did I do with the January plan?

  • Adding 6 new made products (Photographing, pricing, listing – the not so glamorous side of making)
  • Re-jazzing the website for an actual Landing page as opposed to the higgledy piggledy half store that currently loads.
  • Updating my branding to include new Compostable Re-usable Mailers and Recycled Card Stock (This sounded so much cooler in my head)
  • Securing new jewellery bags to go with my updated branding (My previous stock of ivory satin bags have run out – currently all orders are being sent with a substitute white velvet pouch for the meantime)
  • Get better at organising. Yeah that’s a simple one, but one I take for granted. Social Media, Blogging, Building excel databases for material inventory all are among my least favourite things. But crucial, so I’ll suck it up.

Alright, so that looks like more of a fail than a win, I’ll admit it. However this month I’ve had some lovely returning customers, some excellent reviews, and I have actually succeeded with the organisational aspect really well (forget the social media point though, it’s still a struggle.)

So what did I get done?

  • I’ve secured myself a handy new Photography Light Box for updating my photographs and providing better accuracy product and inspirational photos. (I’ve even sampled a few of my new products in it so far and love the outcome – you can get a sneak peek below.)
  • I’ve built my databases, weighed every bit of silver, counted each individual gemstone, and reached my zen. This’ll allow me to keep on top of restocking my creations in quicker time.
  • I’ve added a temporary landing page to the website pending the “re-jazzing”.
  • I’ve made 11 new products that are on their way to be listed. With a lead to increase it by another 12 products by the end of next month.
  • Secured a wonderful new selection of Semi Precious Stones that you’ll be seeing soon.
  • Sent enquiries to several new potential suppliers for a lead on sustainable packaging – specifically my gift pouches. It’s taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated, but I may have just found a solution in my own home county of Wiltshire!

Thanks for reading my ramble, time to get back to work 🙂

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